Wednesday, 16 January 2013

lost in lace

I must first say Happy New Year and apologise for my absence this last month or so. I had intended to write on January the 1st and wish all a marvellous new year ( I do indeed have very fine hopes for this one... I can feel it in my bones! Plus it'll also be my 30th year! Oh lordy) but I ended up getting sidetracked and one thing led to another.
December came and went quickity-flash and left me pretty exhausted from it all. How I really do wish I had worker mice like miss Tina from Tobyboo has said many a time, I'd pay them a handsome wage and they could all live in my dollhouse which actually hasn't got any residents at the moment, it could all work out so nicely. Ahh well, some day.

My fellow and I decided to change around our little humble abode at the beginning of the month (homes are just like jigsaw puzzles...every now and then something comes in or goes out and one has to have a rearrange) but it was to give us both a bit more of a working environment (he plays the double bass and quite frankly could do with more space) so we decided to give all the rooms in our wee flat the upturn... I shall document this with photographs to give you all an insight into my working life! Perhaps I'm just nosey, but I personally find it so interesting to see where fellows call home and what inspires them in their everyday life.

I also had a commission from a lovely couple to make a Lady in the Moon doll which I delivered to them last week..let me introduce - Ava Stargazer

I forgot to take other photos of her sitting in her moon... I'm terrible I know. She wore a stunning silver thread lace dress (what once was a 1930s had died a death) with flowing blue ribbon straps each with a beaded star sewn to to the bottom and matching beaded star crown. She certainly looked the shooting star!

Another new little lady (who I finished just today) is - Little Viola 

A smaller and younger doll than the others...standing just 14 inches tall.
It's quite lovely to work on a smaller doll, I shall be revisiting this pattern with others very soon.
In fact there's rather a lot of new fellows in the pipeline, so do watch this space!

And Valentine's Day around the corner, my favourite celebration of them all! New pieces are being sewn as we speak!


  1. Oh oh oh! So beautiful. I only thought yesterday i must have a little sneek at your blog as I'd not received any updates of late (was worried I might have missed something) Christmas, life etc..has a habit of getting in the way at times doesn't it. 'The lady in the Moon' is just stunning with the silver lace dress. Oh in love! Happy New Year to you! x

    1. Why thank you Sarah! Happy New year to you too! your girls are looking right cute these days! x

  2. Happy New Year Rebekah!
    Oh wow! Ava Stargazer looks like a dream, I bet her new owners were thrilled with her. Is it wrong that I want all of your dolls outfits? Little Viola is a pretty thing and I have always loved that name. From what I have seen ( via some Instagram stalking) your re-decorating looks amazing. I especially loved your wall of postcards, such a lovely idea. xxx

    1. Ahh, thank you Miss Kelly-Marie, the postcard collection and I have travelled through many a wall together in our years since we first came about.. It's like my flower garden that I've yet to own! And I've yet to finish putting them all up...there's still this huge pile just waiting for me to work out where to place them in our garden!

      Oh, the new owners of Miss Stargazer were over the moon (no pun intended there) it was so lovely to have been asked to sew another lady.
      Oh, goodness, no! I always want my little ladies outfits, they get given the clothes I only dream of, and the names too. lucky wee things.

      I hope your year will be a splendid one too! I'm thrilled for you that you've decided to make a go of it on you own... I really hope it all goes amazingly well for you! And on that note, I must fill out my tax return! Oh, the joys of being self employed! x x x