Thursday, 13 September 2012

Peckham Foxes

The moody Peckham foxes are back in the etsy shop... this time in a delightful collection of different coloured suedes.


  1. love these foxes. Did you ever receive my emails? I had a cancellation for Hartley Wintney Fair, but never heard back from you. Best wishes Lizzie

    1. Hello Lizzie,
      Thank you, I'm so pleased you like. I feel just awful, yes I did receive your messages, I had been away and missed out on getting back to you in time, I'm sorry I haven't relied back to you as of yet, it was on my large list of things to do. sorry. Please do keep me informed should there be any spaces on fairs in the future, it would be really lovely one to do.
      Best wishes to you too