Thursday, 5 July 2012

Mr Blue Budgerigar

I cannot express how much I would love a feathered friend to keep me company at home and at work... But my fellow other says no.. I suppose he is right, a bird in a cage isn't quite right. Especially when we now have the lovely blue tits  and the marvellous green parakeets visiting us down here in Peckham , don't you just love that the parakeets are the new pigeon ?

I'll just have to sew them all instead.. and then one day, when I'm not on the 4th floor.


  1. Awww I am the same. I would love one but hate the thought ot them being in a cage. Also I could'nt risk a potential Bentley ( our cat) meets bird disaster.
    It's amazing about the Parakeets, we dont see them that often in N16 but we do have lot's of lovely bue tits. They're my favourites.
    One day when you are not on the 4th floor you can have all the Hollyhocks and the Bird friends you desire. :)
    Mr Blue is just beautiful. xxx

  2. love!