Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Carnival Horse

Started work on Carnival Horse Brooches last night..

A new fellow horse..different details


  1. I love these! I'm slightly obsessed with anything that transports me to a long ago carnival or circus...These do just that. Wonderful! Infact I have to say I adore all of your work. Although our work is quite different - I think we may be on a similar wavelength. Sarah

  2. Thank you so much..tis lovely to hear. I've always wanted to run away with circus or something of the sorts.. I almost did when Carters came to town, but I soon realised it really wasn't quite the same!

    I agree, we must be on similar lengths...Your girls are so truly wonderful it must be said.

    Rebekah x

  3. I am happy to read the above conversation. I always thought you two ladies are on the same wavelength. These horses are amazing Rebekah, I love the beaded nose detail. xx

    1. cheers my dears...do hope you've been well!? x x