Thursday, 3 May 2012

Getting to grips with outfits


  1. I am always so envious of your ladies outfits! That print on her blouse is amazing, so lovely as always.

    I got your parcel this morning! Oh my goodness thank you so much. So much beauty in one package, I love it all so much. You are too kind. Do you mind if I photograph it for a blog post? I wont be offended if you would prefer not to. I will be sending you some goodies very soon, just have to find some bits worthy of such a lovely lady. :)

    Hope you are having a wondeful weekend. xxx

  2. The print really is grand...I bought it a few years back to make something for me (there were two pieces and quite large!). I didn't realise for ages that what I thought were flowers are actually tones of little people dancing about! Too good..though, no idea whats to be made.

    Ah, you're more then welcome. Sorry it took me ages to get it of to you.. this month has been an odd one. But of course you can photograph them if you wish!

    Oh, how was the prop making for tim walker?

    You too enjoy have a lovely weekend! x x x