Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Happy Spring Days

(art work by the wonderful jimbobart)

So very happy to say we'll be here on Saturday the 24th...It's our first market of the year, so you must pop down and see what we've been up to as of late! Some old favourites will be coming to market, along with a whole host of happy new pieces. And of course the wonderful Sinead and Stephan have got a whole host of wonderful designers and other delights over the whole weekend, so do check out their website craftyfox for a line up of whats happening on both days... I'm very much looking forward to checking out these fellows MANOL (beautiful jewellery) ...And then popping down on Sunday to see Jess Quinn (utterly wonderful curious dolls and fellows), ladybirdlikes (very pretty butterfly necklaces)..

Hope to see you there! x x

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