Wednesday, 1 February 2012


Having a wee sale in February in the etsy shop... if you use the code FORTHELOVEOF at the checkout you'll receive 15% off anything you purchase!


  1. Exciting! I am so in love with Bambi and Rita Mae, you are so clever. xx

  2. Why, thank you! Maybe you could do a fawn photo shoot, like snow white!? oh, one could go rather crazy with ideas... I popped your parcel into the post on monday, as I awoke rather late on Saturday and missed the post.. just had a look at the evil that is royal mail site and they are still processing it): So I should expect it should be with you tomorrow surely!? x x

  3. Oh My God YES, you said Snow White, that is all you needed to say. This has to happen! :)
    Yay I am so excited for my parcel, I just saw the poppies on etsy and I can't express how I much I love them.
    Will try and get the photo's done on Sunday when Craig and I have a day off together. If not it'll be the following Wednesday. I'll keep you posted. xx